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New to the 3rd and the Mortal? Now you can satisfy your curiosity: Provided is a selection from the different eras of 'Mortal history. The music is presented in handy .mp3 format (Winamp is still the ultimate .mp3 player for windows and mac IMO). They are about 30 seconds each and weigh approx. 500 Kb a piece.

Sorrow (1994):

Tears laid in Earth (1994):

Nightswan (1995):

Painting on Glass (1996):

In this Room (1997):

Memoirs (2002):

Project Bluebook (2005):


There is two videos available at the moment. The first is Lars Hegdals vision of "the City" from Memoirs. The other is the musicvideo to the song Magma of Painting on Glass. Both videoclips are .mov files of just beneath 5 Mb size. Consult Apples quicktime-website for info on how to play it on your computer.

For a limited time (probably, it all depends on diskspace) you can also get a high-quality version of the Magma video. Its close to 32 Mb, but for you people with broadband-connection (or a high degree of patience :) its here.