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How do I move around this thing?

Ok, there's supposed to be an idea behind this site and how it is constructed. An important detail is the navigation bar located underneath the menu image on top of every page.

As you can see it is supposed to give you an idea of where you are at the moment. All the items on the navigation bar are clickable and will take you back to their respective webpage.

Whats hiding underneath the different categories at the main-page?

news/help: Well you've probably seen most parts of it allready as its basically the news announcement-page and this help-page.

interactivity: contains different ways to communicate with fellow fans and other passers by. At the moment we have a mailinglist, a discussion forum as well as the old guestbook

material: the discography, photography and samples-pages are here, as well as a biography when a certain somebody gets his butt moving ;)

links: Here's where the links to other stuff 'Mortal around the world will be found.

contact: How to get in touch for promotion/booking/interviews/distribution etc.