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Oct 21. 2004

Project Bluebook.

Another Year, another album. January next year 'Mortal will release the new album 'Project Bluebook'. The album will feature two new studiotracks and another new song performed live as well as four very different live versions of 'Mortal classics. Look for two new samples in the audio / video page.

Mar 1. 2004

New Releases - Details.

March 8. 2004 is the official release-date of the latest 'Mortal release "Ep's And Rarities", but it appears some sneaky fans allready have gotten their hands on the first copies according to posts on our forum. This is a compilation consisting of the 'Sorrow' and 'Nightswan' EPs + the b-side of the 'Stream' single and the bonus-track from the japanese 'In This Room' album.

Next in line is 'Projekt bluebook - a decade of endeavor', an album featuring new studio material as well as unreleased livetracks. The band is the same as on Memoirs but the sound is darker.

Sep. 22. 2003

The Magma video is now available for download + more news.

Yes, if you go to the material-section of the site you'll find the musicvideo to the song Magma of the Painting on Glass album. For now its downloadable in two different qualities. Most of the difference is in the quality of the sound.

Another piece of news you might find interesting is that there will be new 'Mortal releases in the not so distant future. Rumor has it that a disc containing the different 'Mortal EP's is on its way, and also that a collection album with two new tracks plus live-material is due to be released early next year.

Stay tuned for more details.

Sep. 18. 2003

First batch

First we start off with a closer presentation of the personell involved in the making of Memoirs. Take a look at the photos-page for the details. The frontpages has also been slightly enlarged for wieving convenience.

Sep. 14. 2003

New stuff on its way

Just a short note to let you know that there will be new stuff posted on this site in the next few days. Some new pictures and also samples. Stay tuned..

Jan. 21. 2003

Fan pictures are finally added

Now at last the fan photos section has been opened. Take a look at the photos page and see what you think. The first contributors are Marcela and Cezzare. Both sets of pictures are from last years concert in Mexico city.

Sep. 21. 2002

The forum is back up

As many of you have noticed the discussion forum (see the interactivity page) has been gone for a while due to the forum provider going bust. I have now replaced it with a forum at another host which I hope will last a bit longer.

Oh, and I'm still in the process of putting up some fan photos from the Mexico City show (I sometimes hate having a 'real job'). We also plan bringing you reports 'on the road' during the upcoming tour of Germany. More details to follow..

Aug. 17. 2002

Tourdates confirmed!

Here they are, the dates of 'Mortals upcoming tour of Germany and Holland:

27.09.2002 D - Lübeck, Raider´s Café
28.09.2002 NL - Rotterdam, Baroeg
29.09.2002 D - Essen, Zeche Karl
30.09.2002 D - Leiwen, Monopol
01.10.2002 D - Gotha, Stadthalle
02.10.2002 D - Zapfendorf, Trapez
03.10.2002 D - Sulz/Neckar, Peter Pan
04.10.2002 D - Zwickau, Alarm
05.10.2002 D - Berlin, Garage Pankow

We hope to see as many as possible of you out there.

More stuff is to follow. Among other thing a fan-pictures section on the material page as we've received quite a few pictures from the recent Mexico (July 17.) show

May 28. 2002

Welcome to "version 3" of the 3rd and the Mortal web-pages!

After 7 years online this site is back in a new design. As usal the web-guy is Thomas Rinnan. but this time Lars Hegdal have been doing the imagedesign. We certainly hope you'll enjoy the new layout and functionality. Take a look at the help-page if you get confused.

Feel free to mail any questions you may have to  webmaster at mortal dot info